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Balance – and a large glass of wine! – helps me cope, says Kirsty Gallacher

The dark-haired TV presenter was more than candid about coping with life as a working mum when I bumped into her at make-up brand Benefit’s pop-up pub launch of Gabbi’s Head recently.

When querying exactly how she copes juggling a successful career in the media with the pressures of motherhood (while looking so glam!) she joked ‘A large glass of wine!’

Joking aside, the 38 year old mother of two confided ‘It’s definitely about having some sort of balance – and making sure you take time out for yourself.

Balancing - Kirsty Gallacher
Balancing – Kirsty Gallacher

‘Recently I’ve been working six day weeks – the phone’s ringing, I’m dealing with a four and a seven year old, a bunch of pets and animals – and people will then comment that they think I’ve lost weight! But once I know everything has been done and is in its place – I’m a bit OCD! – it’s important to make that time for yourself, whether it’s a massage, a glass – or bottle! – of wine.’

Speaking for lots of other working parents out there, Gallacher added ‘It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when it’s coming at you from all angles, but having a balance and taking some time out occasionally – that’s what works for me.’

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