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How do you get kids to eat vegetables? #EatinFullColour at the Bird’s Eye First Plates Restaurant

How do you deal with getting your kids to eat vegetables?

An easy life or forever a struggle?

Mine is the latter, so I was intrigued when we got an invitation to the Bird’s Eye First Plates Restaurant.

Here little ones were encouraged to #eatinfullcolour with a range of veg based dishes which included pea cake (yep, and it was actually quite nice!).

Lunch is served at the Bird’s Eye First Plates Restaurant

It was interesting to see the dynamic as all the kids sat together happily – mostly – trying out lots of different vegetables.

Us parents were lucky enough to get tips on how to get more veg in their tummies from TV child psychologist, Dr Elizabeth Kilbey, as seen on Channel 4’s The Secret Life of 4, 5 and 6 Year Olds.

She told me: ‘Don’t be deterred by them saying ‘I don’t like that’.

‘If they like particular colours try pairing them up, association helps.’

And even, gasp, making eating veggies fun!

For example, Dr Kilbey added: ‘Can we have a snack of every single colour today? Can we build a rainbow of the food we eat today?’

Research by Bird’s Eye to mark their Eat in Full Colour campaign shows that children are actually becoming more adventurous with their food, with 4-9 year olds naming sprouts and spinach as their favourite vegetables.

Almost a third (32 per cent) of parents say their children would eat just about ANY type of vegetable served – and only 29 per cent struggle to get their kids to eat their greens. Unfortunately I’m in that 29 percent!

But I was given some hope to keep trying after the event, adding more colour to ALL of our plates and trying new vegetables.

Click to see footage from the event (my daughter even has a speaking part!).

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