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Review: Barbie Spy Squad

Spy_Squad Spy_Squad_Final_LogoBarbie is well known for having a catalogue of careers, and this time around the blonde one hits cinema screens as the star of her very own movie, in the guise of a super spy.

The action begins when Barbie and her gymnast pals are recruited for their skills to apprehend a jewel thief, learning along the way the values of teamwork, friendship and that believing in yourself always brings you closer to success.

Attending a preview screening with an overexcited five year old – and life-long Barbie fan – I have to say my daughter’s attention was held from start to finish. And while I may have had to contend with the little one jumping across the sofa and rolling around the living room floor, I also caught her taking a deep breath and closing her eyes when she was having trouble with a task at home – just like Barbie does in the film to visualise herself completing a complicated jump.. These kids pick up so much more than we think!

And of course, as expected, there’s a range of undercover agent toys from Mattel to go with the film. One guess what she’ll be waiting for her birthday present this year…

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