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Coco – The Media Mummy’s review

Aspiring musician Miguel – the star of Pixar’s Coco

My last preview screening was just me and my daughter, this time around I ventured into London’s West End with a new addition – my eight-month-old baby boy.

My first trip up West with the two of them and luckily it was well worth it AND we all survived fairly unscathed!

Coco is a heartfelt take on the Mexican Day of the Dead which sees a young boy – aspiring musician Miguel – reunited with his family on ‘the other side’.

Miguel experiences an unexpected family reunion

Family, death, living life to the fullest and the importance of being remembered are all themes explored in the film.

So, it obviously helps if you’ve had the whole death and dying chat with your little ones…

As well as lots of laughs, there were some sad moments for my seven-year-old (and me, can’t lie!) which I guess is to be expected from the subject material, but overall she really enjoyed the film.

I would also say it caters for all ages – as the music had my baby boy bouncing up and down in my lap!

Just to add – there will be obvious comparisons to 2014’s animation The Book of Life but rest assured Coco, whilst also taking place of the Day of the Dead, is definitely a completely different story!

In cinemas January 19.

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