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Fruit Bowl’s #5in5Challenge and Sneaky Vegetable Recipes

I KNOW I’m not the first parent and I certainly won’t be the last to struggle with getting their child to consume their recommended five-a-day fruit and veg intake!

I truly believe that half of parenting is trying to think of ingenious ways to sneak vegetables into meals – the craftier, the better.

This January, children’s snack brand Fruit Bowl has stepped in to help with their #5in5Challenge – and it involves stickers!

Any purchase from their site in January would have included a free #5in5Challenge 5 A Day Chart designed to help parents encourage little one to enjoy their five portions, every day for five days.

My three-year-old always equates stickers with fun, so he was more than happy to rise to the challenge. It also helped that he’s a fan of a range of Fruit Bowl snacks – especially the Strawberry Peelers.

To top it off Fruit Bowl also teamed up with BBC’s Masterchef semi-finalist, Theo Michaels, to create a week’s worth of child-friendly recipes using his new meal planning service, FiveDinners.

The recipes are designed to take the hassle out of mealtimes for parents and provide children with at least two of their five a day, every day.

They include: Chimichangas, One Pot Sausage and Vegetable Rice, Sweet Potato and Broccoli Calzone and Spinach, Turkey Meatballs with Gnocchi and my favourites, the Sneaky Vegetable Beef Burgers.
Why not give them a road test and let me know how you got on!
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