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City Farming in Vauxhall

IT may seem that normal life has been put on hold at the moment.

But when you’re a mum, you still have kids who want to go out to experience new things and explore.

After six months behind closed doors, options may seem limited, but it’s always good to have a look at things which take you outdoors while allowing you and the little ones to stay safe.

We recently enjoyed a trip to Vauxhall City Farm and I was impressed by the measures being taken to ensure social distancing and general post lockdown safety.

The space is small but perfectly formed and the kids absolutely loved the chance to feed the animals. I thought we would be in and out in ten minutes, but I simply could not drag both my three and ten-year-old away.

Entry to the site is free with a voluntary donation and food for the animals is just £1 a bag.

The kids also loved the chance to walk around the farm’s community garden following our own recent endeavours into growing fruit and veg at home.

Staff are constantly communicating to ensure there are only a certain number of visitors inside the farm at any one time, which means that entry numbers are limited and queues can form when busy.

There are also lots of handwashing stations and a one-way system in place to help with social distancing.

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Quarantine Cooking – The Easy Peasy Baking Campaign

So how’s everyone holding up?

Lockdown life is certainly trying but it seems many of us are turning to the art of making food to get us through it.

I’m not much of a baker to be honest but I can proudly say I’ve officially become a member of the FAB Flour Easy Peasy Baking Campaign 😂

I used their simple recipe to make flatbread and a tzatziki dip with the toddler – yes I could have done it faster by myself and yes he made a mess, but it kept him occupied for like, um, 20 minutes or so 🤣🙈

Bonus points were achieved when both kids actually ate it and gave the dish the thumbs up 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

Definitely worth following @fab_flour for more simple baking and cooking ideas, especially if you’re like me and are currently serving up the same few dishes on repeat.

Here are their recipes for the flatbread and of course, the infamous banana bread which seems to be most people’s go to at the moment!

Easy Peasy Flatbreads with Tzatziki Dip

Vegan Banana Bread

Good luck!


Recipes from the FAB Flour Easy Peasy Baking campaign, launched by nabim. You can find more Easy Peasy Baking recipes and information on the campaign over on the FAB Flour website: or on social: @fab_flour on Instagram or @fabflour on Facebook and Twitter.

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So chips DON’T count as one of your five-a-day..?

IT was interesting to read details of a new survey which discovered only 10% of children are getting their five-a-day and that 1 in 10 parents think chips count as one of their children’s five-a-day.

Look, I’m the last to sit here to shame anyone on their parenting skills – particularly as my response to reading that was ‘aren’t potatoes vegetables?!?’ (FYI, they are classed as a starchy food, LOL.)

Fruit Bowl Survey results

The research helpfully carried out by children’s fruit snack supermarket brand Fruit Bowl, also noted that 1/3 of parents think fruit yogurts count, while 1/5 parents mistakenly believe a strawberry milkshake contributes – I mean #desperatetimes, right?

I personally battle to get my kids to eat most vegetables, so its interesting that less than half of parents know that tinned veg, frozen fruit and sweet potatoes count towards the recommended daily amount.

Additionally 4 in 10 parents think their child gets only 2-3 portions each day.

FIVE unexpected foods that DO count towards our five-a-day:
Baked Beans
Spaghetti Hoops

FIVE foods that DON’T count towards our five-a-day:
Onion rings
Vegetable Crisps
Pickled Gherkins

Nutritional Therapist, Filomena Komodromou has shared her tips to get children eating fruits and vegetables;

  1. Think colour – chop up some crunchy crudités such as carrots, pepper, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, radish, celery and serve with hummus or cream cheese for a healthy filling snack
  2. Get them to help in the kitchen – even toddlers can help too. Peeling, chopping or grating can be done quite safely by children supervised by an adult.Five a day help
  3. Blend it up! Homemade smoothies are a great way of getting their five-a-day and sneaking in some veg too.
  4. Add mashed banana or grated apple/pear to porridge
  5. Make frozen fruit lollies or banana pancakes

Susanne Fraser, Marketing Manager of Fruit Bowl, added: “Here at Fruit Bowl we are a team of parents and know firsthand how difficult it can be to make sure our children get their five-a-day, every day, and we know it’s a struggle that lots of other parents have. By conducting this survey, we aim to highlight this and also show busy parents that there are easy solutions, tips and tricks they can use to give their children five-a-day.”

Fruit Bowl create everyday fruit snacks and treats – many of which contribute towards your 5 a day. #bonus

Available at Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, The Co-Op, Asda, Waitrose and on Ocado.

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