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My Colourful World: Best Friends – Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion

IT’S ALWAYS difficult when your child doesn’t fit the stereotypical images of childhood peddled out on TV and in books.

The day your little one asks you why they can’t see themselves in these forms of entertainment – is quite simply heartbreaking.

And that’s why, whenever I hear of something which addresses this problem, my heart sings!

Lolade Coker found herself in this situation and decided to do something about it.

With a four-year-old who loved colouring but never saw kids like herself in colouring books, the search started for Lolade and culminated in the creation of My Colourful World: Best Friends.

She said: “My Colourful World is an educational tool that promotes fine motor skills whilst teaching children about diversity and inclusion.

“This colouring book will help to build a strong community for all kids who are often misrepresented by mainstream media.”

The book contains 30 pages and are single sided to prevent the dreaded bleed through as those little artists get to work.

They can also easily be removed from the book for easy access.

Available to buy from Amazon.

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