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Baking Made Easy with Carr’s Flour for Kids Mixes

CAN I claim to be a seasoned baker now?

Because thanks to Carr’s Flour and their new kids range, I am feeling like a pro in the kitchen!

With the kids getting stuck in we made some delicious rolls with their Really Easy Bread Mix – and it was exactly that.

We literally just added water and some butter – although my boy did do a runner as soon as his hands got a little sticky, before my tweenager also disappeared when it came to using some muscle to knead the dough…

They did return however to split the mixture into smaller balls and demolished them once they came out of the oven – they were perfect for afternoon bacon butties.

And it was the same when it came to the Really Easy Biscuit Mix – everything is ready to pour into a bowl and then you add water and butter – job done.

We opted for some chocolate chips as a little extra and you could even get your little ones to decorate with icing – whatever takes your fancy.

Boring parent bonus points for the flour in both the bread and biscuits being a mix of white and wholemeal flour.

We were also gifted the handy baking set which is the perfect size for mini bakers and we used the heat-shaped cookie cutters for the biscuits.

I would definitely recommend the mixes if you’re like me and not that keen on baking (lockdown made me do it!)

It was a lifesaver having these to make during the half term and as lockdown life is set to continue for a while yet, they’re a great addition to the list of indoor activities to help keep both adults and children sane.

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