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Netflix Presents The Christmas Chronicles

CHRISTMAS is coming! And Netflix have the perfect offering for the festive season in the shape of Kurt Russell!


Well, not exactly Kurt Russell himself, but the actor playing Santa Claus in their film The Christmas Chronicles.

And so the chance to watch a special screening of the film saw my daughter and I up early to head into the West End to watch it in the cosy surroundings of the Ham Yard Hotel.

Bonus points already for giving the girl and I a chance for some mummy and daughter time, leaving baby brother at home with dad as the film is recommended for eight and above.

Alongside Russell, there’s Darby Camp and Judah Lewis as warring siblings, who’ve recently lost their father, but agree a truce for one night to attempt to catch Father Christmas in action on Christmas Eve.


The resulting chaos will have you hooked as the kids hitch a ride on Santa’s sleigh and ultimately join forces to ‘save Christmas’.

There were lots of laughs from the audience throughout – from both adults and kids, especially at the current day references (‘fake news’, Uber, elves doing the floss) littered throughout.

I can’t say too much without giving away the film’s many surprises, but I’d recommend it as one for all the family with Russell as the main attraction.

It’s out on Netflix on November 22nd, so don’t forget to add it to your viewing list!

You can watch the trailer HERE, and for more information on the film visit:

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