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Stay safe this Bonfire Night with Fireman Sam

KIDS’ favourite Fireman Sam and the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) have launched a timely new partnership to help teach youngsters about staying safe during Bonfire Night celebrations.

The Fireman Sam Safety Hero School has launched aimed at getting across key safety messages to pre-schoolers and their families.

Areas include fire safety, water safety, safety in the home, road safety and animal safety.


Children and parents can find a dedicated online platform at, where they can download a wealth of information in child-friendly language, including fire safety activity sheets, as well as the chance to watch fire safety videos from the Pontypandy firefighting crew.

The overall aim is to complete all the safety modules, gaining certificates and badges along the way to finally become a Fireman Sam Ultimate Safety Hero.

Such an important topic, so it’s great to see something which makes it simple – and fun! – for little ones.

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