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Throwing it back to 1980s LEGO DUPLO

WHO doesn’t remember playing with LEGO DUPLO as a child?

Well this year the brand is celebrating half a century after being invented to help creative toddlers play safely.

As mum to a toddler I’m constantly shouting phrases like ‘Take that out of your mouth!’, ‘What’s that in your mouth?’, or ‘Why is that in your mouth?’

So it’s no surprise I’m a fan of the chunky bricks which my little boy can play safely with. Because let’s face it, no matter how much we shout, for some reason plastic bricks must be chewed and dribbled on!

They’re twice the size of usual LEGO pieces but they can still be used together, which is useful as kids get older.

I love watching little ones playing with LEGO DUPLO – you can almost see their brains ticking as they attempt to build their little – or big – creations.

It’s useful to know that LEGO DUPLO products are actually designed with this in mind – to inspire and encourage playful learning.

A 1960s LEGO DUPLO set

FUN FACT ALERT! DUPLO comes from the Latin word ‘duplex’ meaning double. (You’re welcome.)

Share your pictures on social media celebrating 50 years with the hashtag #LEGODUPLO50th

Note: My boy is playing with the LEGO DUPLO Police Bike set #gifted

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