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Review: VIPs get first look at Norm of the North

The Saturdays singer Una Foden with daughter Aoife Belle.

With a voice cast boasting the likes of Rob Schneider, Heather Graham, James Corden, Bill Nighy and Colm Meaney, it’s no surprise a crowd of VIPs and their children braved the cold to enjoy a Sunday morning screening of latest Lionsgate offering Norm of the North.

Singer Una Foden stepped out with her three year old mini me, daughter Aoife Belle – the pair clad in matching denim ensembles.

Other celebrities taking part in the ‘fun in the foyer’ activities included Cherry Healey, Justin Lee Collins and former X Factor contestants The Brooks, before TV presenter Kate Garraway introduced the film to a packed screening room at London’s Empire Leicester Square cinema.

Presenter Kate Garraway with her children Darcey and William.

In the film Schneider voices a dancing polar bear who can speak to humans, tasked with saving his Arctic home from property developers.

My six year old enjoyed the film but a big part of that was probably due to the soundtrack – which included Walk to the Moon’s catchy Shut Up and Dance – rather than any riveting storyline.

While the animated offering is not on a par with Disney’s Frozen which is of course loved by children and adults alike(!), I did find myself sniggering at some of the jokes. And judging from the reaction of children at the screening, they also seemed to find the film amusing.

Norm of the North hits UK cinemas on March 18.



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